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Welcome Kelly

Welcome Kelly

Scott & Stapleton are delighted welcome and announce our latest recruit Kelly Canham. Obviously the opportunity to work with me was too good to pass and she has joined our team just this week.

Kelly will be part of our brilliant Property Management team looking after our tenants, landlords and their properties. She will be working closely with Adele, Alyson & Simone and will be with all the other ladies on our management desk huddled around their cauldrons! (I will pay for that!). Having such a large and experienced team ensures that once a property is tenanted any issues are resolved efficiently and everyone is informed as to progress. Adele & now Kelly will be the first port of call for tenants and landlords and will look after specific properties so people wont be pushed around from pillar to post and will have a specific point of contact for all their needs. The girls will be able to give all their time to these clients as Alyson will be out taking care of routine property inspections and drawing up inventories and Kaye & Martine will look after the accounts & chasing money if they need to. All of this is expertly overseen by Simone who amazingly has been in the business for 126 years but still doesn’t look a day over 80!

Obviously anybody joining our little team Kelly will have to fit in. We all work extremely hard but are not adverse to having a bit of fun, so whether it is having to put up with Martine’s singing, my excellent dancing or joining in the (constant) discussions about food and what everybody is having for lunch I am sure that she will gel very quickly. Lets ask her a few poignant questions and find out a bit more:

How long have you been a property manager?

I have actually been in the business since I was 15 when I had my first Saturday job (going to try and work out her old she is now). I have been in a property management role since 2009 in various guises so over 9 years! I have worked locally, London and nationally looking after student property portfolio’s so have been there, seen it & done it. Nothing much fazes or surprises me any more.

What do you like & dislike about the job?

I like being able to resolve problems, making tenants happy and also giving landlords peace of mind that their properties are in safe hands and are being looked after. The dislikes, well obviously we can be sounding boards for people and have to be the buffer between tenants and landlords. Tenants get a bad wrap for not looking after properties sometimes and there can be just as many landlords that are trouble because they aren’t prepared to invest in their properties. It can feel like your hands are tied sometimes but we do everything with a smile even if it is through gritted teeth.

Why Scott & Stapleton?

I have heard good things about Scott & Stapleton, especially Rob (I added that bit). Various people within the industry have recommended them and I can honestly say that I agree with them. Its a great team who have all been very welcoming and friendly and they all work as a team and are very supportive.

What is your favourite Karaoke song?

You would not get me on a karaoke machine! May be if I am at the back miming but I expect anybody to have to sit through my singing.

What is your favourite lunch?

Got to be Italian. Preferably a lovely, creamy Carbonara but maybe only as a special treat.

Best ever holiday & why? (Keep it clean)

Got to be the USA. Had a great holiday there once, spending a week in Vegas and another week in LA. As they say what goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas so obviously cant tell you much about that but LA was great and I was a proper tourist checking out the celebs and doing the whole hollywood celeb home tour thing. (sounds promising cant leave property alone even when she is on holiday!).

Hopefully that has given you a bit more of an insight in to Kelly and what she gets up to. We are extremely excited to welcome her to Scott & Stapleton and are confident she will fit in perfectly to our little team and will bring plenty of expertise and experience to our fantastic management team. If you are unhappy with how your rental property is currently being managed and don’t think you are getting the best service why not give Kelly a call and I am sure you will find her property management style a breath of fresh air.

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