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The Refill Room

The Refill Room

In my property details I am always writing about the popular Leigh Broadway with the boutique shops & bars. Realistically though over recent years it has become a little less boutiquey with Costa Coffee, Subway and of course well established shops such as Tesco’s now in our little town.

Whenever a shop becomes empty it is almost inevitable that it will be refurbished to become yet another coffee shop such as the greengrocers opposite our Scott & Stapleton office which is currently being refurbished to be an art gallery and coffee shop apparently. We already are not short of coffee shops and we have plenty of hairdressers and even enough estate agents!

How pleasing then to see a new shop has opened in Elm Road, The Refill Room. Not only a fresh new shop but a fresh new idea too. And it is one that we really should all try and get on board with.

I think that you cant help but be moved and appalled by pictures of our oceans being clogged up with plastic and packaging that was highlighted by Sir David Attenborough’s Blue Planet programme and even close to home, the photos of the beach at the Old Town after a Bank Holiday weekend are extremely upsetting.

With such a huge problem it is easy to think that it is impossible for us as individuals to make a difference but obviously if we all think like this then it is definitely not going to change!

So the idea of The Refill Room is exactly that. To try and help you do your bit by eradicating plastics and packaging. You can buy all your staples such as flour, rice, pasta, spices, coffee beans, and the like all from sustainable sources and you can bring your own container or buy glass jars to take them home with you, alternatively just fill paper bags which are free. Weigh out your goods and pay for what you take. No cellophane, plastic or polystyrene in sight!

There are also plenty of goodies too, such as locally sourced honey, make your own peanut butter and even guilt free chocolate (well almost!). There are even eco friendly washing items such as washing up liquid, soaps and cleaning products if you are feeling really angelic.

So how nice to support a new local business, do your bit for the environment and enjoy a new experience of shopping in Leigh Broadway this Christmas. (you can even have a cup of coffee there if you feel the need!)

Check them out on instagram @therefillroomltd

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