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The Best View in Leigh-On-Sea.

The Best View in Leigh-On-Sea.

As estate agents, we have been known to use a bit of artistic license when describing properties. I think that it is just a given that people have to read between the lines when looking at properties. Take for instance a ‘neat rear garden’ – read tiny. ‘In need of minor decoration works’? Take it that it needs a full refurbishment and is currently uninhabitable.


My favourite by far is when we can describe a property as having a sea view. This can range from being virtually on top of the water to being half a mile away and having to stand on your settee in the bay window to get the merest glimpse of the water. Well, I can safely say that the property we have just taken on the market has a VIEW.


In fact, after 25 years of selling properties locally, I think I would go as far as to say that this is the BEST VIEW IN LEIGH or anywhere along our little stretch of coastline that I have ever seen. I know – a bold statement or what!


The property honoured with these views is in fact in the slightly unassuming St Clements Court on Leigh Broadway. In fact, no, that is being unfair. It is a beautiful Art Deco development that has been a local landmark for well over 70 years. That said, the flats in the property range from studio flats to 3 bedrooms none of which have any outside space. They are always extremely popular, and I have sold plenty over the years thankfully.


But, and it is a big but, the flat I have for sale is one of four penthouses right at the top on the eighth floor. It is an enormous 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment with a large lounge/diner, modern kitchen and extends to approx. 1,100 sq ft. It even has a secure parking space underground which few others in the block have and of course, there is a lift taking you up to the top, but you are not interested in any of that boring detail. You want me to get on to the good bits.


The view quite simply takes your breath away. There is a massive south-facing sun terrace extending to 32’ x 15’, which has ample room for table & chairs, loungers, sofas and a BBQ but the thing that stops you dead in your tracks is the view. If you know me then you know that I am not usually lost for words. Especially when I am visiting a property for the first time, I am busy asking the vendors intentions, finding out what they want for the property and generally chatting (usually about myself). Well, I walked into this property was completely dumbstruck, walked straight out on the balcony and just stood there gawking with my mouth open. It is simply amazing; I cannot properly describe it really.


To give you some sort of idea you can see for miles and miles and miles. To the south is completely uninterrupted views over the estuary towards the Kent coastline, perfect for watching the yachts coming in and out and keeping an eye on the Old Town. To the west you can see over Two Tree Island, Hadleigh Castle, the country park, and Benfleet Water tower on a clear day you can easily make out the buildings at Canary Wharf and The Shard (honest, no estate agent BS). To the East, you have glorious views over Leigh Library gardens with the kitchen and one of the lounge windows beautifully framing St Clements church tower. Further still, you can see Southend Pier & seafront and beyond this, you have views of the Shoeburyness wind farm and of course the estuary stretching out to the Channel.


It is always difficult to put a price on a view. Some people love them and are prepared to pay whatever it takes to have one whilst other people aren’t as fussed and are more interested in the property itself or location. This particular apartment is priced at £750,000 which I genuinely believe to be fair. It is not cheap; I grant you but then nothing is, and you will be hard pushed to find anything similar or better even if you can pay well over £1,500,000 for a seafront apartment in Chalkwell or Thorpe Bay.


When the current owners bought it nearly 30 years ago people were fighting over it and it ended up selling for a great deal more than the asking price. I am not expecting that this time but am sure that it will prove popular. If I can just organise the sun to be out and the tide to be in for every viewing, I am sure it won’t be around for long.

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