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Introducing Yvette

Introducing Yvette

In this edition I am returning to my introductions of some of the unsung heroes here at Scott & Stapleton. The men and (mostly) women that work tirelessly behind the scenes ensuring things run smoothly for the glory boys such as me that take all the credit.


This week I am going to focus on my colleague Yvette. She has not been with us for long but has slotted seamlessly into our team. She is a perfect example of how someone can enter our industry without a great deal of experience, not knowing certain systems or procedures but with a little bit of application, hard graft and training she can really excel.


Our industry is well known for its inclusivity. It is often overlooked how open the property industry is to gender, race, sexuality, but something that is probably topical now with children and young adults taking GCSE’s and A levels is the fact that you don’t have to be qualified to enter into the property industry.


I am a strong advocate for learning on the job and obtaining vocational qualifications whilst learning and working. To initially enter the industry all you need is a good attitude and that’s where Yvette comes in. Let’s find out a bit more about her.


What is your role at Scott & Stapleton?


I am a property manager. I work in Adele’s department looking after our portfolio of rental properties. I ensure that both tenants and landlords are happy and try and resolve any issues that might arise.


How long have you been in estate agency and what do you like about it?


I have been in estate agency for just over two years but at Scott & Stapleton for only a few months. The thing that I like best about estate agency is the variety. No two days are the same – when the phone rings or I open my emails it could be anything. I am also not stuck behind a desk all day. I go out and carry out property inspections giving me a chance to meet the tenants and put faces to names, that’s the best bit. Mostly though, I love the people I am working with. It is a small team, and we all get on really well. I’m getting loads of experience and learning so much. I am almost ashamed to say it now but in previous jobs, like a lot of other people, I dreaded going into work. I can honestly say that couldn’t be further from the truth now. I love it and can’t wait to get in.


What were you doing before you got into property?


Before I joined Scott & Stapleton, I was working for a corporate estate agency that was worlds away from what I am doing now. Before property though I have had a few jobs. I have worked in Clarks shoe shop trying to get babies feet measured and in a call centre cold calling time shares. I will leave you to imagine how much fun that was!


What would be your ideal job, holiday, night out?


I know it sounds cheesy, but I think I might be in my ideal job. I love the property industry and can see myself doing this for the long term and learning so much more. I might even move into sales at some point so watch yourself Rob! My ideal holiday would be Jamacia or somewhere sunny in the Caribbean. Alternatively, it would be Iceland, I would love to see the Northern Lights. My ideal night out would be a roof top terrace with friends and cocktails…a lot of cocktails.


What’s your favourite food, film, song?


My favourite food is seafood, something like Paella! My favourite film is an old classic, Stand by Me by Stephen King – gets me every time! Favourite song is impossible. In terms of genre, I like everything – it really depends on what mood I am in. I even like some of the songs on Radio 2 that Rob makes us listen to but not many.


Tell us something strange about you?


Wow, there is loads. I don’t like hot drinks at all, so I am a cheap tea round (although I still make for the office!) I am double jointed, but I am not going to demonstrate Rob before you ask. I like dipping my McDonalds fries in my strawberry milkshake. Don’t knock it until you have tried it, honest.


What is something exciting that is going on in your life?


Well, I have just bought a new car, moved away from home for the first time and am living on my own and started a new job. That’s enough for now I think I might take it easy for a bit.


Well hopefully that has given you a bit of an insight into my colleague Yvette. Please don’t judge her about the fries and milkshake thing though. Gross!

If you’re interested in careers at Scott & Stapleton please get in touch at info@scottandstapleton.co.uk.

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