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Introducing Lois

Introducing Lois

Continuing our series of introducing some of the unsung heroes at Scott & Stapleton, this week I would like to introduce Lois Govier. One of our newer members of the team (and definitely the shortest) she has already become an invaluable asset being able to turn her hands to most things she is tasked with and always willing and eager to learn. Let us now learn a bit more about her:


What is your role at Scott & Stapleton?


I provide administrative support including answering phone calls and emails, dealing with enquiries as they come in. I carry out and finalise inspections, inventories and checkout reports and report any issues found. From there I report and follow through on maintenance issues and get the issue resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. Blimey, that sounds like the sort of answer I would give in a job interview. Basically, I work within the Property Management Department looking after our rental properties. I do a little bit of everything and love the variety of my days and knowing that I have helped out when tenants or landlords have issues.


How long have you been in estate agency and what do you like about it?


Just 6 months but feels a whole lot longer. I already can’t imagine doing anything different. I love that I am learning something new every day (there is so much to learn!).


The job can be high pressure at times. If urgent problems arise in Tenants’ homes, it’s understandable they can become stressed. We’re all human and know that it’s like having a leaking shower or a broken boiler – we do feel for them and do everything we can to get it resolved quickly. It can get you down listening to upset Tenants, but that’s where the team at Scott & Stapleton are so important. We bounce things off each other and if someone is having a bad day in a particular department, we all rally around and help out. I know that I shouldn’t have favourites but honestly, Rob is the best!!! ( he has told me to say that BTW) I am also now a dab hand at making tea & coffee as this seems to be one of my most pivotal roles within the business.

What were you doing before you got into property?


I was at Bournemouth University and managed to get myself a BSc in Forensic Science. I know what you’re thinking… a bit of a change to property management! When I graduated a great opportunity presented itself, my Mum, who was working for S&S at the time, became aware of a property management vacancy. I got the job and didn’t look back – I love learning new things every day.


What would be your ideal job, holiday, night out?


I am very happy at Scott and Stapleton! Ideally, I’d love to keep progressing here. I would love to travel Asia or South America, I love the food, the colours and the fact that it still feels adventurous to go to these far-flung countries that are so different to ours. My ideal night out would be a nice dinner with wine, then onto a bar with cocktails to have a boogie, followed by a kebab on the way home, obviously!


What’s your favourite food, film, song?


Chinese for sure, I am not proud to say that they know my order off by heart every time. My favourite films are Spiderman/The Parent Trap/Love Actually, childish or soppy stuff, nothing I have to think too hard about, please! My favourite song has got to be Stickwitu by The Pussycat Dolls, a proper anthem and a good one to dance to.


Tell us something strange about you?


This is going to be a hard one for you to believe but I promise it’s true, I’m only 4ft 8’ but I used to compete in hurdles whilst at school and I was pretty good!


What is something exciting that is going on in your life?


I am currently in the process of renovating a 3-bed house in Leigh on Sea which should be ready to move into shortly. It is very stressful with a million and one decision to be made but I am looking forward to moving out and having my own space exactly how I want it.


If you would like to join Lois at Scott & Stapleton, we currently have positions available in our Lettings & Sales departments, please contact me for more details.


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