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Introducing Leanne

Introducing Leanne

This week we are going to focus on one of the unsung heroes from our office. Leanne works in our Block Management department and is a lively and fun member of the team. Her customer service is second to none and has won her rave reviews from clients. She has a great mix of empathy, experience and professionalism but let’s try and find out a bit more about her:

What is your role at Scott & Stapleton?

Block Manager. Let me expand a bit more. As block managers, we look after blocks of flats or estates of houses on behalf of the residents (leaseholders mostly) and/or landowners (freeholders). This can be as varied as having to organise gardeners for the communal areas to dealing with antisocial residents, lift breakdowns to ongoing cladding enquiries. It is always varied, you never know what you are going to get from one day to the next but helping people resolve issues is so satisfying.

How long have you been in estate agency and what do you like about it?

2 ½ years, I didn’t have any experience when I joined and was chucked in at the deep end within a relatively new department and team so really had to pick things up quickly. Now we are a lot more streamlined and I am more confident. I love being able to go out and about to developments rather than just sat at my desk (I don’t even have a window!). Meeting with Leaseholders is one of the best bits. Discussing the property or just a general chit chat is great (much to Rob’s annoyance!). It is important as a block manager to understand that these are people’s homes and what might seem a trivial issue to an outsider, could be extremely important and upsetting for the resident. Sorting out any problems swiftly and keeping people abreast as to what is going on is vitally important.

What were you doing before you got into property?

Bank Manager. It sounds more glamourous and high-end than it was. The days of people having to go to the bank manager to grovel and beg for a mortgage and a loan have long gone unfortunately so it was just sitting at a desk shuffling numbers, basically.

What would be your ideal job, holiday, night out?

This is my ideal job! Honest, Rob isn’t twisting my arm and making me say it! I love it. We have a great team, amazing banter and the clients are great. When Scott & Stapleton first opened the block management department they had a simple brief. They believed that for too long leaseholders had not been heard and had been taken advantage of. They decided they would do things differently and champion the silent majority and I genuinely feel that I am making a difference with this process and standing up for the little guy. Anyway, that’s enough from my soapbox! My ideal holiday has got to Cuba or something hot, exotic, and boozy. Night out would be dinner and drinks with my partner, we have not been together long but have definitely clicked and I couldn’t imagine a night out without him now (sorry, bit soppy).

What’s your favourite food, film, song?

It has got to be a massive, very bloody, Fillet steak, proper carnivore me. Film is The Holiday with Cameron Diaz & Jude Law, nothing like a snuggle up with that one, gets me weepy every time. Song is Rise Above This by Seether, don’t worry, you won’t have heard of it but it will make sense in the next answer.

Tell us something strange about you?

I hate pop music!! Total grunger/metalhead at heart. To translate that means I love the loudest, shouty music you can possibly imagine. There is nothing like totally immersing yourself in sound and headbanging with your ears ringing. I am not allowed to inflict my music taste on the office, Rob makes us listen to Radio 2 which barely keeps me awake sometimes!

What is something exciting that is going on in your life?

About to move and become a family of 6! I have sold my house which is going through currently and mine and my partners’ families are about to come together. It is going to be a wild adventure that I cannot wait for. We have been camping together so living under a roof will be easy surely?

Well, who would have thought that our mild-mannered Leanne is a headbanging lunatic in her spare time? I love being able to share what my work family are really like with you. We all work very hard and spend hours with each other but learning about the person rather than the title is very important in my opinion. 

There are still vacancies to join the team at Scott & Stapleton, if you wanted to learn more just drop me a line.

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