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Introducing Chloe

Introducing Chloe

I thought that I would change it up for my blogs for the next few weeks. I wanted to introduce you to some of the amazing staff that I am lucky to be working with. Give you an idea of what they do, what they are like, and put a face to the name or voice that you may have dealt with on the phone or e-mail.

First up is Chloe who has the envious position of working closely with me in the Sales Department:

What is your role at Scott & Stapleton?

My official title is a Sales Negotiator. Another member of staff leaving gave me the opportunity I’d been waiting for to step up from the lettings department and get stuck in on sales. I am learning as I go, and still find out new things every single day, which I love! My day-to-day consists of carrying out sales valuations, taking properties onto the market, taking photos & details, dealing with enquiries, and carrying out viewings. The best bit is negotiating sales and finding people their new homes.

How long have you been in estate agency and what do you like about it?

Well in total I have been in estate agency for 4 years. I did 2 years and then had a 4-year sabbatical but more about that later. I love the working environment of estate agencies. It is very fast-paced and every day presents a new property and a new opportunity. Of course, buying a home is probably the biggest investment someone will ever make. It is a very emotional (sometimes stressful) time, which makes it even more rewarding when you hand someone the keys to their dream home. The other great bit is working with the people here at Scott & Stapleton, there are loads of different departments and everyone has a great laugh whilst still working very hard (especially Rob!).

What were you doing before you got into property?

Before the first time I got here I was at Sixth Form so came straight from there. After two years here I left for my sabbatical – I was cabin crew (not a trolley dolly!) for British Airways. I loved travelling and dealing with the people flying. I have visited loads of places, my favourite had to be Vegas Baby! The hours were crippling though and it didn’t feel like a career that I could do forever so here I am.

What would be your ideal job, holiday, night out?

Ideal job has to be something in estate agency. I know it sounds a bit cheesy but I can’t imagine myself doing anything else other than something to do with property from now on. An ideal holiday would have to be The Maldives or Bali, basically something sunny and luxurious. I have been to The Maldives already but it was when I was cabin crew and Covid had just struck so we had to turn round and come home again, I didn’t even make it off the plane! Honestly, I have done my fair share of nights out now at the ripe old age of 24 and now that I am settling down it would have to be out with friends, family & good music. Probably loads of cocktails would be consumed as well, I am not that sensible just yet.

What is your favourite food, film, song?

Food has got to be Wagamamas, the steak Teryaki Soba, chilli squid and edamame is to die for! My favourite film is The Great Gatsby with Leonardo DiCaprio, I must have seen it 50 times. My favourite song is really difficult – I can’t narrow it down to just one so probably something from Eminem, Stormzy or Rhianna? Basically, not anything that is on Radio 2 that Rob makes us listen to in the office.

Tell us something strange about yourself?

My name is mentioned in the Kanye West, Blame Game. I don’t know if he knows me but I like to think so.

What is going on in your life at the moment that you are excited about?

I am currently in the process of buying my first house with my partner Corey. This is a huge step and quite scary to get on to the property ladder but I can’t wait and am counting down the days until I collect the keys. I never thought it would happen but I am now more excited about washing machines, toasters, and visiting Ikea on a Sunday than I am about going out and getting smashed at the weekend.

N.B. if you were interested in joining Chloe and the rest of us at Scott & Stapleton we currently have a position available as a Lettings Negotiator. Contact me for more details.

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