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Do you like Leigh?

Do you like Leigh?

I don’t know if you are aware, but I love it! I have banged on about it for enough years you surely get the gist by now? Now is the time to have your say with the Rightmove annual survey to find out how happy you are in your home or local area. You will be asked searching questions such as ‘do you feel a sense of belonging?’ and ‘do you feel safe?’.

I know that I have a vested interest as I am trying to sell and rent properties in leigh but I genuinely love our little town. I can honestly say that I have never felt unsafe, always find people to be friendly and helpful and think that there is a genuine feeling of community spirit amongst residents.

We are extremely lucky to have brilliant facilities and amenities here in Leigh. We are obviously great for commuters with excellent rail links in to London and now going farther afield with the ever expanding Southend Airport. We have excellent schools which are flying high in the national rankings and attract pupils and parents from miles around. Our coastline is world renowned with numerous leisure facilities on the water including sailing, windsurfing and the new craze of Stand Up Paddle Boarding and there is of course our thriving and bustling Broadway where you will never go short for a coffee or estate agent. There are also some delightful boutique shops and lovely restaurants pretty much everything you could want.

When it comes to community spirit you only have had to be at the Old Town at the weekend. The call to arms for the ‘Swab for Charlie’ campaign saw people lining the streets queuing to register themselves to see if they are compatible for a possible bone marrow transport. It never ceases to amaze me how the residents of our town come together when needed. Whether it is for a worthy cause like this or an event like the Art Trail or Folk Festival there are always plenty of volunteers ready to assist.

This is all before we take in to consideration the actual properties. Our bread & butter stock of Edwardian or Victorian character properties with loads of character features always prove popular plus a few exclusive modern gems combined with the fact that we have limited space for large developments of estates where all the properties are the same means that we will always attract discerning buyers looking for a lovely new home.

Obviously you may not feel quite as positive as me? You might feel that house prices are too high, we are too busy and overcrowded, people drive too fast and the Broadway is a bit poncy. Obviously you are entitled to your opinion, even if it is wrong!

Check out the questionnaire and have your say and I hope that we can top the list once again for the happiest place to live: https://survey.vovici.com/se/450055DC2FC8910C

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