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Brace yourselves!

Brace yourselves!

ts that time of year again. The forecast for the next few days is for sub zero temperatures and snow. Just as the housing market looks like it is kicking off after a fantastic January it could all come crashing down as we batten down the hatches and hibernate until the weather improves.

Unfortunately though for those people trying to sell or rent their properties there s still work to do. There are still some braves souls who are prepared to battle the elements to view properties and you have to be prepared. Last year in about a foot of snow I called all my appointments expecting them to cancel because of the conditions. Most of them did but one lady who was made of stern stuff walked to view the house she was interested in and I had to wrap up warm, get out there and show her around. Luckily she bought it so I forgave her for dragging me away from my heated office!

If you have a property that you are marketing then we all know the tricks on how to dress and present a property but in adverse weather conditions just the simple things make a difference. If the pathway if covered in snow and ice then clear it if you can and make sure the house is warm and cosy for your guests so they want to relax and take their coats off. These simple things may seem obvious but even in relatively normal conditions little things can make a difference.

I showed a couple around a house the other day where the vendors were also in residence. Quite understandably for this time of year the garden was looking at its best but it looked like the owners hadn’t been out there for months. We ventured outside just to have a quick look and the abundance of fallen leaves gads turned the decked patio in to an ice rink. It was lethal! I nearly fell over myself which whilst being obviously funny would not be the way that the vendors would have wanted their house to be remembered by.

If you have a property that is empty that you are selling or renting them these little jobs are still equally important. The other thing to consider with these properties is to ensure the heating is either ticking over on a low setting or programmed to come on for a limited periods throughout the day. Unfortunately over the years I have visited a number of properties that have suffered after water pipes have been frozen and trust me it is not something you want to experience. Huge water tanks leaking from the roof, through the first floor and on to the ground floor can devastate a property and take months to repair.

So whilst it looks extremely pretty and is great fun sledging on Belton Hills there are things to consider when the weather takes a turn for the worse especially of you are marketing a property.

When you read this blog I will actually be away skiing in Italy. As with any holiday I am glued to the weather report and it looks like the resort I am going to will not have a great deal of snow and will be about 10 degrees warmer than here so may be I should stay put?

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