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An Issue of Space

An Issue of Space

Nationally 5.9% of the land is built on (8.8% for England).

In Southend, that figure is a whopping 65%. It’s fair to say that we are close to saturation point without losing even more of our local green space.

This is putting more and more pressure on the need to build up with the delivery of apartment blocks.

However, when you look at the surrounding areas the tale is slightly different.

Castle Point – 38%

Rochford – 10%

Basildon – 36%

Maldon – 3%

Thurrock – 29%

Brentwood – 10%

Chelmsford – 9%

Is the answer to ring fence Southend as a high rise/high density zone and push on with building? Is the answer to put up the “No Vacancy” sign? Is there a half way house?

One thing is for sure – with the government focusing upon national Leasehold reform and further regulation for agents, together with white papers such as The Thames Estuary 2050 Growth Commission, the focus is very much on this industry and on this part of the UK.

Watch this space!

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