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A Modern Utopia?

A Modern Utopia?

In many industries, there is an adage which applies to this Venn diagram:

– If something is to be Cheap and Fast, it won’t be Good.

– If something is to be Cheap and Good, it won’t be Fast.

– If something is to be Fast and Good, it won’t be Cheap.

I certainly notice this and often the natural driving motive in business can be money. When cost is the driving force, that leaves 2 options. Rather than rush something and deliver it sub-standard, the tendency can be to do something well, which may be perceived as taking time.

The underpinning aspect of all of this though is communication. Initial communication to gauge client requirements is vital, but must be paired with ongoing communication.

That said, what is to stop us aiming to be in that middle intersection. Often called the Utopia – can we help you find your Utopia?

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