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Delightful fishermans cottage in Leigh Old Town available as a short term rental

Delightful fishermans cottage in Leigh Old Town available as a short term rental

A couple of years ago at Scott & Stapleton we saw a gap in the market. We were happily going about our normal business of sales, lettings and management but were being asked more and more about short term rentals.

We took a bit of a punt by offering this service not really knowing if there was enough demand to justify the work required and were pleasantly surprised when we were inundated with interest.

I think that because we all live in the area we can sometimes take for granted how fantastic our town is. We cant imagine that someone would visit here on holiday but that is exactly what hundreds of people do and offering an alternative to a basic hotel certainly seems to appeal to visitors.

It is not just holiday makers though that need this short term accommodation. There can be all types of reasons. We have had Southend United footballers on short term contracts, performers at the Cliffs Pavilion, surgeons at Southend Hospital, all sorts of people.

There have also been lots of people coming from abroad to visit relatives for extended periods and the growing trend of people vacating their existing properties whilst they carry out major refurbishment or extension works. For these types of people this accommodation is perfect. They can treat the houses as a second home, coming and going as they please, if they are a family then they can all be together and they don’t have to worry about paying for anything else like utilities or wifi.

They can sometimes have to leave their properties for at least a couple of months. Much better then to have your own house to use not just a hotel room and better than having to commit to a long term rental of at least 6 months. It seems to work for everyone.

The landlords of our short term rentals like the set up very well to. We have complete control & responsibilities over the properties. They don’t have to worry about anything. We obviously take care of all of the marketing but also organise all of the check ins and outs as well as the cleaning and supplies for the handovers. It can be extremely busy and time consuming especially when we have changeovers on the same day. We can sometimes only have a couple of hours to strip and clean the properties but it always seems to work out in the end.

It especially works well for landlords that use the properties themselves. Some landlords have properties that are empty for long periods but they themselves need to visit the town once or twice a year to visit family or for work commitments. Imagine then that they can have these properties earning for them and secure and then when they need them they are then cleaned and supplied ready for them to come back to and they can then leave it all to us again once they leave. Perfect!

That is exactly the case with a new one that we have just been instructed on. This delightful cottage in the Old Town is sure to appeal to holiday makers being right on the seafront and I will probably prove popular with locals who want to feel like they are on holiday!

As ever it is fully kitted out with everything you could need and with 2 good size bedrooms will easily sleep 4. The property is available immediately for a minimum of 2 nights and is reasonably priced at just £100 per night.

At the moment it is empty so why not meet me there to take a look to see if it will be suitable for your in-laws to stay in at Christmas rather than on your settee?