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Leigh in Pink & Swab for Charlie

22 September 2018  |  scottstapleton  |  Leave a comment

As you are probably aware here at Scott & Stapleton we always try and do our bit for local and international charities and in the next couple of weeks sees the start of one of my favourites.

The Leigh in Pink campaign is due to start on the 8th October until 13th October and it is the one time that I am legally allowed to ask for ladies bra’s!

Yes, our now infamous pink bin will be outside the office again for the lovely ladies of Leigh on Sea to donate their unwanted bras to raise awareness of breast cancer and highlight the fantastic work of the Lady McAdden Breast Screening Trust. I am happy with any shape, size, colour or style, I will take them all!

I am sure the office will once again be adorned with various garments and we will all be dress up pretty in pink. We never need much of an excuse to dress up to be honest.

We are all currently within the throws of the ‘Go Gold’ campaign. This is a charity very close to our hearts here at Scott & Stapleton and one that raises awareness of children with cancer. We have already decked our offices out in gold and displayed posters for this brilliant cause.

This also coincides with a call to arms for the enormously generous folk of Leigh on Sea.

On Sunday 30/10 I urge you all to visit Old Leigh between 10am and 1pm. A local boy of 15 called Charlie is currently fighting 2 types of blood cancer and desperately needs a bone marrow transplant. Registration for testing will take place on Sunday and I am sure the good people of Leigh will get behind this fabulous campaign and do all they can.

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