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Leigh Art Trail

04 June 2019  |  scottstapleton  |  Leave a comment

This week sees the welcome return of the ever popular Leigh Art Trail. A now nationally renowned event for local (and further afield) artists to show off their wares and events highlighting the creative side of our special town. We are delighted to be welcoming once again Colin James Watkins with his unique photography together with Dinah Case and her abstract paintings & prints to our office and look forward to seeing them and the huge number of art buffs that we are sure to see.

This year sees the event grow once again with now over 50 artists displaying their works from a variety of venues including offices like ours, shops, churches, their own homes, the Old Town and the Marina. There are also a number of events including the popular secret auction, street art exhibition, various demonstrations & workshops plus the new addition of the Childrens Art Trail.

Even my daughter is getting involved with a display of artwork from the pupils at West Leigh Schools being shown at the Leigh Wesley Church in Elm Road. I think her work can be best described as abstract in the style of maybe Jackson Pollock? Best to snap up one of her early works now though before they start to change hands at Sotherby’s art auction for millions of pounds!

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