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Building better block management

27 November 2019  |  scottstapleton  |  Leave a comment

Scott & Stapleton - building better block management.

Scott & Stapleton stand out from the agent crowd, highly praised for our expertise in buying, selling and letting, we have an additional string to our property bow as frontrunners
for block management.

With a trusted track record of thirty years of industry experience, we are far from being the new kids on the block. Scott & Stapleton anticipate the challenges and pitfalls of this
area of property management, so that you don’t have to.

Do you live in a block of flats? Are you a landlord, with the responsibility of letting flats? Are you tired of receiving endless demands from building managers, for sums you don’t understand or feel powerless to question? If this is you, don’t despair, you do have options that will enable you to take control of the management of your building. Our mission is to ensure you are fully informed and have a clear understanding of how and where your money is being spent.

By law, long leaseholders of flats are entitled to set up ‘Right to Manage’, companies (RTM). The function of the Right to Manage Company is to take over freeholder responsibilities, under the terms of the lease. Principally, this means, you can undertake your own repairs, employ your own maintenance contractors, arrange your own building insurance and run the property on a daily basis, free from interference from the landlord or previous agents. These duties can be undertaken either by the leaseholders themselves, or alternatively you can appoint your own nominated agent - a trusted agent of your choice, that works for you and has your interests at heart.

The trick is in finding the right agent. We believe, transparency and communication is key to ensuring effective management and an RTM that not only works, but thrives. Scott & Stapleton offer a best practise approach and can advise on establishing processes to maintain your building, ensuring the safety and security of its residents.

A good agent will

- Carry out regular inspections.

- Meet you at agreed intervals to discuss property management.

- Instruct and supervise works up to agreed expenditure limit.

- Arrange upkeep of any common grounds, internal and external.

- Appoint health and safety checks, in accordance with legislation.

- Administer contracts for works/services.

- Handle insurance claims.

A good agent will

- Levy and collect service charge/ground rent and Reserve fund.

- Handle payments of rates, utilities, insurance premiums and contractors for minor works or major renovations.

- Administer and collect any arrears.

A good agent should

- Prepare an annual service charge budget, agreed with you, the client.

- Hold monies in designated client account and segregate funds appropriately.

- Draft accounts reports for accountants to audit or certify.

There is clearly an important job to be done, but one that can be done for you. So while we attend to your building, you can attend to other matters. A good agent will share knowledge, divulge facts and explain any grey areas, so you are always entirely comfortable with the management of your block. Whether yours is one of studio flats or a high end luxury development, Scott & Stapleton adds value to both owners and tenants.

We have built our business on transparency so if you are experiencing anything other than this, then maybe we can help. You have a voice and as an essential part of your development don’t be afraid to speak out and make a difference to the smooth operation of your block - it is your right.

Call us or pop in. We offer warm and friendly advice in a professional and relaxed environment… we may even make you a nice cup of tea.

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