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A Damp Squib or a Real Issue?

29 March 2018  |  Scott & Stapleton  |  Leave a comment

With further rain predicted over the bank holiday weekend (of course!), why not take the opportunity to make sure your gutters are running freely.


If it’s not a weed, is it knotweed?

29 March 2018  |  Scott & Stapleton  |  Leave a comment

Japanese Knotweed - a name which strikes fear into the heart of most within the property sector. In Essex, we live in one of the main areas of the UK which is affected.


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Not Long Now!!

The scary realisation that it wont be long before I can qualify for a retirement apartment!!

04 June 2019 scottstapleton
Leigh Art Trail

Looking forward to welcoming our artists to the office again this year on the nationally acclaimed Leigh Art Trail.

04 June 2019 scottstapleton


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