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Big up the lettings!

05 November 2018  |  scottstapleton  |  Leave a comment

A brief insight in to out fabulous lettings department.


Don’t call it a holiday!

03 September 2018  |  Scott & Stapleton  |  Leave a comment

​Short term rental. Lessons we have learnt after a couple of years offering a unique rental service in our town.


Banning Ground Rent & Leasehold Reform

29 March 2018  |  Scott & Stapleton  |  Leave a comment

Following the recent consultation on “Tackling Unfair Practice in the Leasehold Market”, MHCLG have announced that they are taking action.


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Is there a time when you shouldn’t make an offer on a house you want to buy?

09 April 2019 scottstapleton
Carry on Regardless

Despite the chaos of Brexit things seem quite positive.

24 March 2019 scottstapleton


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