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Common sense prevails

26 February 2019  |  scottstapleton  |  Leave a comment

After just over a year since Lisa’s terrible accident. Traffic calming measures are proposed for Hadleigh Road.


Don’t laugh!

13 March 2018  |  Scott & Stapleton  |  Leave a comment

I cant believe that it was just a week ago that I was writing about the snow and how cold it was. This week it seems that Spring has finally sprung.


Not more delays?

25 February 2018  |  Scott & Stapleton  |  Leave a comment

Is it you? Have you got a spare £7,000,000 or £8,000,000 in your back pocket, that’s just for the building work, you have to buy the property itself first.


Enough is Enough

13 February 2018  |  Scott & Stapleton  |  Leave a comment

For those of you that aren’t aware our lovely, bubbly, confident and ever so ditzy Lisa has been knocked for six. Unfortunately, she was involved in a very nasty car accident.


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